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Exceptional Individuals is the first employment agency that finds jobs for dyslexics.
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How Exceptional Individuals finds jobs for dyslexics

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What are good jobs for dyslexics


We know that every dyslexic is different and there is no one job that suits all dyslexics, having supported hundreds of dyslexic jobseekers in the past few years.  Understanding skills and talents goes a long way to helping each dyslexic person identify where they flourish. Through our free 5 step Employment Pathway programme, we support you through the whole process to help identify what job would be best for you.

We have supported a number of dyslexic people find the right career. For some of our candidates that may be working on the shop floor, using their strong inter-personal skills to build relationships with customers and providing the best customer service possible. We have also supported people into creative industries, including architecture, illustration and the arts – where a dyslexic person can thrive by telling a story without having to use words.

Having placed some of the country’s leading dyslexic candidates into roles that they are thriving in, our community of over 5000 people continues to give us great examples of jobs for dyslexics. We often hear that the Police Force like hiring dyslexic staff, as dyslexic people tend to have the ability to quickly process a large amount of non-written information and identify what is important and what is not.

Like these

George first came to see us whilst out of work, and he was looking to capitalise on his good GCSE grades and break into working in the estate agency business. We analysed what George was good at and what he struggled with, and worked through how he had worked with his Dyslexia before. We created a plan for him – where is he now, and where does he want to get to? We worked on his CV and cover letter, and explored why he wanted to work in an Estate Agents. Our experience at EI meant we already knew that lots of Dyslexics enjoy the person-to-person interaction that Estate Agents have, and that our candidates thrive when under pressure. George had already identified that he worked best when he was able to speak to someone on the phone rather than through email, and that is something that would be welcomed in an industry such as an Estate Agency.

Sally was looking for work in a retail environment, having spent some time in an office previously and coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t for her. When she came to see us she was primarily looking for work in a fashion retail environment only – but having spoken to her, and identified her hidden skills with arts, crafts, and IT, we worked with her to broaden the scope of her search. Having updated her CV and cover letter, together we found her an interview for a large retail shop in a busy part of London. Sally came in for a practice interview, and we coached her on how she could evidence the areas that are really positive for working in a retail environment: Seeing the bigger picture, understanding complex needs of customers, working with new people and building a relationship quickly. Sally went for her interview and got the job, she starts soon!

Mohammed came to see us as he was preparing to leave his current job. He had a fairly specialised field of expertise in the financial sector, but wasn’t enjoying the role he was currently in. We worked together to identify what in his day-to-day tasks he enjoyed – and thrived – at, and what tasks he struggled with. We rebranded his CV, and worked with him to bring out the areas where he is confident in – which is working with numbers, and sales. With a new focus on the type of organisation he wants to work in and having identified the roles he works best in, we are now on the search for a new challenge that will show off how well Mohammed works.